Warranty informations

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ATTENTION! Only a qualified specialist from OURSSON AG service center must do the repair.
Company OURSSON AG expresses great appreciation to you for choosing our products. We have done everything possible so that this meets your needs, and the quality corresponds to the best world standards.

Warranty: 24 months


  1. The demonstration of the perfect operation of the Oursson products and the guide of use will be presented by the seller when buying the product.
  2. The consumer has to respect the intructions presented in the instruction manual.
  3. The warranty does not cover defects caused by incorrect use, incorrect storage or incorrect transport of the goods caused by third parties or major force.
  4. The warranty begins on the day of product purchase
  5. If the product indicates a defect, you may issue a repair or replacement order under the warranty.
  6. The operating time lasts 4 years and is valid under the following condition: the operating instructions or execution of the technical assistance by the authorized service of Oursson
  7. The warranty is valid in accordance with the laws in efect.
  8. This product is traded in accordance with the laws in efect.

Service remarks for warranty:

  1. At every intervention the service unit retains a coupon of warranty.
  2. Servicing during the warranty period will be solved within the period described by law. Your rights are defined by the laws in effect

Warranty loss conditions

  1. Abscence of the fiscal receipt or invoice receipt and warranty card together signed and sealed when requesting a repair.
  2. Defects are caused by electric discharge or voltage variations of the mains power supply, the intervention in the case of an unenforceable voltage, contamination with liquid or other foreign matter.
  3. Failure of the consumer conditions for transport, handling, installation, use and maintenance specified in the instructions accompanying the product delivery and buyer aware.
  4. Intervention of other unauthorized persons or companies in repairing the product or its accessories or in making changes to the product and its accessories.
  5. In case of use for a purpose other than domestic (offices, hotels, restaurants, etc.).
  6. The consumer agrees that the product verification and the fixing of the defect, to be made by a service representative and not by a seller. The repairs are made according to the laws in effect in 15 calendaristic days after the delivery of the product to the service unit.


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