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Despre Oursson
Oursson is a Swiss manufacturer specialized in modern household appliances. The large portfolio offers a variety of must have kitchen gadget for every day. From the toaster to the electric kettle and to the yogurt maker, we provide everything that guarantees a good start of your day. Our blender, juicer and cooking appliances are designed to maintain the full spectrum and variaty of vitamins.
The Mission of Oursson AG is to help the customer, to live with pleasure in an easy, tasty and healthy way.
Quality and sustainability come first at Oursson. Therefore, there is no compromise in research, development and planning of our products. Every single kitchen appliance must meet the standards of design, quality, ease of use and maximum safety before it gets a place in the Oursson family.
Our core of activities contain the questions: "What does our customer need?" and: "How can we fulfill his desires, in a sustainable way?" The answers are complex, but have in our accelerated world a common denominator: The growing desire of people for MINDFULNESS and slowing down.
Oursson AG wants to meet exactly these expectations. We pay a meticulous attention to the resource efficient selection of materials, efficient production, sustainable supply chains and recycling of the equipment.
The corporate culture of Oursson AG is characterized by respect, fairness and responsibility. To offer a quality SERVICE is in our top priority. Customer satisfaction and loyalty are showing that we are on the right track.
Our mascot - the bear with the chef's hat and laughing face - symbolizes our vision "par excellence": live and taste with happiness.
The trademark owner of OURSSON is the Swiss company Oursson AG, address: Rue du Grand-ChĂȘne 5, Lausanne, 1003 Switzerland.

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