Yoghurt-fermenter FE2305/OR

Yoghurt-fermenter FE2305/OR


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Healthy, natural yoghurt prepared with thermostat method, yeast dough, and different beverages.
  • Weight, kg 1,45
  • Dimensions, mm 166 x 240 x 268
  • Number of modes 3
  • Capacity, L 1,5
  • Housing material Plastic
  • Control panel Digital
  • Container material Ceramics
  • Automatic beverages programs Yes
  • Overheat protection Yes


With the FE2305D fermenter, you can prepare healthy, natural yoghurt, thanks to the thermostat method. It is also perfect for preparing yeast dough, and different beverages, based on incomplete alcoholic fermentation. The 1,5 liter jar will allow you to enjoy your favorite product. High quality ceramics which distributes well, both heat and cold air, is ideal for preparation and storage of dairy products. In addition, the device provides a cooking timer on the available display, countdown timer and a sound signal at the end of cooking program.


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