Yoghurt-fermenter FE2103D/DC

Yoghurt-fermenter FE2103D/DC


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Preparation of beverage, yoghurt, dough and various types of dairy products.
  • Maximum power, W 20
  • Weight, kg 2,16
  • Dimensions, mm 226 x 218 x 216
  • Number of modes 2
  • Material Plastic
  • Mode indication Yes
  • Sound signal at the end of the progranm Yes
  • LED Yes
  • Control panel Digital
  • Container material CERAMICS
  • Bowls 1
  • Overheat protection Yes
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The main advantage of the Oursson FE2103D yoghurt maker is a beautiful 1,8-liter ceramic container with a hermetically sealed lid. You can prepare a beneficial natural yoghurt, yeast dough and different drinks, based on an incomplete alcoholic fermentation.

High-quality ceramic bowl, is ideal for the preparation and storage of dairy products.


In addition, it is worth to mention, that the device has a cooking time indication on the display, countdown timer and a sound signal, that starts when the preparation is finished.


1 ceramic bowl with a capacity of 1,8 l.

Button for choosing the desired cooking programs: yoghurt (cream, kefir, greek yoghurt) or alcoholic beverages (wine, tincture, cocktails).

Digital display, which indicates the remaining preparation time. Maximum of 36 hours.


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