Multicooker Versatility with high pressure MP5005/OR

Multicooker Versatility with high pressure MP5005/OR

SKU: MP5005/OR

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Multifunctional cooking appliance under pressure with 45 automatic programs. Japanese anti-adhesive DYKING coating.
  • Maximum power, W 1200
  • Recipe book Yes
  • Japanese anti-adhesive coating DYKING DYKING COATING
  • Cooking pot, pcs 1
  • Measuring glass, pc 2
  • 2-level steam screen Yes
  • Spoons for measuring, pcs 4
  • Spatula for mixing, pcs 1
  • Automatic cooking program STEAK Yes
  • Automatic cooking program (Slow cooking) Yes
  • Automatic cooking program BOILING Yes
  • Automatic cooking program FRYING Yes
  • Automatic cooking program SAUCE Yes
  • Automatic cooking program CEREALS Yes
  • Automatic cooking program MEATBALLS Yes
  • Automatic cooking program COOKING Yes
  • Automatic cooking program DRINKS Yes
  • Automatic cooking program YOGURT Yes
  • Custom cooking program Yes
  • HEAT SUPPORT function Yes
  • Low voltage protection Yes
  • Overvoltage protection Yes
  • Guarantee 24 months
  • Height, mm 304
  • Width, mm 330
  • Length, mm 300
  • Actual consumption, W 670 W in 3 hours
  • Automatic programs 45
  • Temperature adjustment, °C 50-130
  • Capacity, L 5
  • Country of origin South Korea
  • Heating mode Yes
  • Sound signal at the end of the progranm Yes
  • Display LCD
  • Delayed start Yes
  • Protection levels 13
  • Overheat protection Yes
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You receive the most beautiful smiles from your family. Why not spend more time with them? Your favorite recipe will be ready quickly, and you will not make any effort to prepare it.

You can cook rolls, soups, steaks, meatballs, fish, cakes, compotes and even yoghurt as a perfect housewife anytime in your own kitchen. Everyone will be impressed by the culinary miracles.

Even Italian lasagna, Greek yoghurt, French ratatouille, English cheesecake or Chinese rice will no longer be a barrier to the most classical tastes.

From now on, you will be able to organize your time, thanks to the Oursson Multicooker who will join you in the kitchen! Cook, roast, bake, boil, make stew... shortly the high-pressure multicooker is great for cooking delicious meals. Why waste valuable time? The multifunction machine with 45 automatic cooking programs, with a detachable lid, a 5-liter cooking pot and a book of 170 tasty recipes equipped, will make you forget about the traditional cooking.

The recipe book and helpful tips help you effortlessly handle even the most difficult recipes, just selecting the desired program and enjoying the time the appliance is cooking for you.

The multicooker provides you the guarantee of family safety and health through the DYKING coating and the 4-level pressure indicator. Also, due to the fact that the outside parts are not hot, you will avoid any incidents in the kitchen. To ensure that safety is our priority, besides the other 12 levels of protection, the device has a special overheating safety feature, in which the kitchen appliance will automatically stops.

The multicooker keeps your food warm up to 12 hours or heats, reheats food at any time of the day. Also,the product gives you the opportunity to use the delayed start function, namely to schedule the preparation time in the morning, and the dish will be ready at lunch. With the delayed start function you can choose exactly the start preparation time.

The product comes with 2 measuring glasses (200 ml and 500 ml), a spatula for mixing, a set of measuring spoons and a 2-level steam screen.

The Oursson Multicooker will quickly and easily prepare lunch or dinner! The Multicooker is multifunctional, has 45 automatic cooking programs and thanks to SMART technology it controls and adjusts the required temperature and pressure.

Everyone will ask where you have learned to cook so many wonderful dishes.


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