Manual coffee machine,19 bars, foaming function, OURSSON EM1900/DC

Manual coffee machine,19 bars, foaming function, OURSSON EM1900/DC

SKU: EM1900/DC

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Because the best stories are told with espresso EM1900/DC.
  • Maximum power, W 900
  • Weight, kg 3,3
  • Dimensions, mm 250x230x280p
  • EAN 7640152898044
  • Tray Removable stainless steel tray
  • Water tank capacity, L 1,5


For traditional espresso lovers who want to rediscover the authentic flavor


19 bar pressure for intense and perfect aroma extraction

Foaming system for fine and creamy milk foam

Water tank capacity of 1.5 L

Compatible with ground coffee & pod coffee E.S.E. (Easy Serving Espresso)

Heated surface for cups


With OURSSON 1900 you get the best flavor of your coffee, thanks to the 19 bar high pressure


For those who (want to)  enjoy perfectly combined milk and coffee, the milk foaming system helps you to make creamy cappuccino, caffe latte, mochaccino or any other creative recipe.


The water tank has a high capacity of 1.5 liters. The EM 1900 also heats the water for tea preparation


Cup warmer on top. This allows coffee to stay warmer longer.


The OURSSON EM 1900 Espresso machine is ergonomic, filling the water tank, emptying the coffee filter and drain pan are very easy to clean.


Extra comfort by using E.S.S. pods.


Just press one of the two buttons for long or short espresso and enjoy the coffee flavor with the OURSSON 1900


The box contains:


 Espresso machine

 Filter holder

 Measuring spoon

 Filter for E.S.E. Pod

 Filter for ground coffee, 1 cup, 7 g

 Filter for ground coffee, 2 cups, 14 g

 User manual

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