Juice maker with press-snail JM7002 Red

Juice maker with press-snail JM7002 Red

SKU: JM7002/RD

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Slow juice maker with a wide 75 mm feeding chute for a whole apple. It saves up to 68% vitamins.
  • Weight, kg 7,3
  • Dimensions, mm 480x240x210
  • Housing material Tritan
  • Rotations / min, RPM 60 RPM
  • Protection levels 1
  • Cold pressure Yes
  • Self-cleansing function Yes
  • Reverse (REV) Yes
  • Suitable for all types of fruits Yes
  • Suitable for all types of vegetables Yes
  • Class of protection against electric shock I
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Silent | Powerful | Resistant


The Oursson slow juicer has a wide 75 mm feeding chute, so it allows the juicing of whole vegetables, without being cut before. Thanks to the cold pressing technology, this including low squeezing and the powerful press-snail, this kitchen appliance offers you the maximum amount of healthy juice, rich in vitamins and nutrients. This juice maker works quietly and the chute, provided with a lid, will not allow any drop of juice to flow on the table.

The wide 75 mm feeding chute


Thanks to its wide feeding chute, you do not have to cut the apples or pears. You can add whole fruits and vegetables. 

This technology keeps the vitamins and nutrients of the fruits and vegetables. 



You have the possibility to extract juice from almost any fruit or vegetables


Our unique technology provides the extraction not only from suculent fruits and vegetables, but also from vegetables rich in fibre, and berrys with seeds. Furthermore, this juicer extracts juice even from greens and wheat germ. 




Greater amount of extracted juice


The squeezing technology uses a resistant mechanism, including the press-snail, which presses and sqeezes the juice from fruits and vegetables. In conclusion, you will get more juice. Thanks to the available filter with 3 levels of crushing and grinding in a fine way, the fruit paste will be dry.




Natural, tasty, full of vitamins juice


The cold pressing is the best way for squeezing the juice, keeping at the same time the full vitamins and nutrients (it saves up to 68% vitamins), the natural taste and the real fruits and vegetables flavor. The press process is rapid and pleasant and the resulting juice will be healthier, more natural and full of vitamins.





The induction engine works very quickly, it provides a noise level of about 60 db, so the sqeezing will be more pleasant. The press-snail with slow rotations (60 RPM) produces a maximum amount of juice even from vegetables with seeds and fibres. The fruit paste will be extremely dry. 1 l of juice will be preparated in less than 1 minute, thanks to the reliable cold pressing. 


Powerful press-snail made of ULTEM

The press-snail was made of ULTEM, an environmentally friendly material, that provides high strength and solidity. It has an excellent mechanical power, an extraordinary thermal resistance and an exceptional resistance towards acidic substances. The ULTEM material is used also for medical equipment. 


The 3 level filter for a complete and neat sqeezing


The 3 level filter prevents the pulp and shell to enter in your juice cup and it keeps at the same time any drop of juice. As a result, the paste will be dryer. 



Anti-drop unique system


The special chute is provided with a hermetic lid. It will not allow any drop of juice to flow on the table. Moreover, you have the possibility to mix the juice during its preparation.

Quick and easy cleaning
It provides a self-cleansing function and it comes with a special cleaning brush.

Reverse function
You can reverse the rotaion of the press-screw.

Easy to use

The user-friendly JM7002 juicer is easy to assemble.




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