Hand blender HB6070/RD, cube cutting

Hand blender HB6070/RD, cube cutting

SKU: HB6070/RD

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6 in 1 - easily whips, purees, easily chops, grates and grinds, easily cuts in cubes, does not slip in hands - SOFT TOUCH coating.



    The 6 in 1 hand blender prepares smoothies, mixes, chops easily, scraches, cuts into cubes and it does not slip out of your hand, due to the available coverd with rubber "Soft Touch" handle.

    The multifunctional Oursson HB6070 hand blender is with all the necessary accessories equipped. With this kitchen appliance, you will smoothly face any culinary challenge in an easy and rapid way. It is no more necessary to cut the ingredients in cubes, due to its cube attachment. With the help of grater-disc and chopping-disc, you can easily prepare a salad, grate vegetables, slice cheese, sauces, fruits. Whisk will help you to whip cream, sauce or cocktails. Chopping knives will turn meat into mince, it chops cereals, vegetables, grinds coffee and prepares powdered sugar. The puree detachable accessory prepares puree and pate in mere seconds. Furthermore, it provides 13 speed modes and a turbo mode. With this universal helper, you can quickly and easily prepare your favorite dishes!

    Powerful and convenient: The 600 W motor, speed control for low speeds, rubber coating "Soft Touch".
    6 in 1: Mixing.
    6 in 1: Pureeing
    6 in 1: Easily chopping and grating, due to the available 2 accessories.
    Cutting into cubes is easier and and quicker, due to the special designed accessory.
    Multifunctional accessories: The measuring push and the 800 ml measuring cup.
    Multifunctional accessories: The XL cup with a capacity of 2 L. It is with a lid for storage and with an anti-slip base equipped.
    Save space in the kitchen: Easy to use and store.

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