Fry pan with non-stick 3D coating, PF2422P/DC, 24 cm

Fry pan with non-stick 3D coating, PF2422P/DC, 24 cm


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Fry pan with non-stick 3D coating, PF2422P/DC, 24 cm
  • Aluminum housing material Yes
  • Bakelite handle material Yes
  • Weight, kg 0,85
  • Diameter 24 cm
  • Suitable for all types of cookers Yes
  • Made in South Korea Yes
  • 6 inner layers Yes


Frying pan with a big heart...Frying pan with a non-stick 3D coating is the best way to cook for your loved ones. Beautiful dark cherry color and the pattern in the form of a big heart on the inside, offer an unusual and original apperance. It is made of high quality cast aluminum, does not contain harmful chemical additives, has six non-stick 3D coating layers with nano-reinforced particles, nano-diamond crystals and ions. The induction bottom allows you to use it on any surface.

Do you dream to master oriental cuisine? You can't do it without the Oursson pan! The fry pan can be used on all plates, including induction, and can be washed in a dishwasher.


Non-stick 3D coating

3D coating contains nanoparticles and improved nanodiamond crystals. These particles provide a durable coating and a 3D (holographic) effect on the surface. It is resistant against mechanical and thermal shock. In addition, this product is easy to clean.




- Oil-free cooking
- Food does not stick
- No noise or smoke
- Food is cooked faster
- Food tastes better

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