Electric kettle EK1775MD/DC

Electric kettle EK1775MD/DC


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Heats the water up to a desired temperature.
  • Maximum power, W 2400
  • Weight, kg 1,59
  • Capacity, L 1,7
  • Temperature adjustment, °C From 60 up to 100
  • Material Stainless steel
  • LCD control panel Yes
  • Control panel Digital
  • Reusable filter Yes


According to expert opinion, the tea shall be infused at a specific temperature recommanded by the manufacturer and never in boiling water. For instance, the green tea shall be infused at the temperature of 70-80°C and the oolong tea at the temperature of 80-90°C. The water for the coffee (espresso) shall not be higher than 90°C. The Oursson EK1775MD electric kettle can fulfill all these tasks, thanks to the available 3 functions. You can choose the desired modus through an easy touch. This electric kettle does not only boil the water, but it boils it at a desired temperature. Furthermore, it can keep the high temperature of the water for 2 hours.




LCD control panel shows the temperature in real time when the water is in boiling process. It also provides the adjusting of the temperature from 60 up to 100°C and the function for keeping the water warm for a long time.




Equipped with a special washable filter, which prevents the limescale in your cup, ensuring pure water.




Hidden heating component, made of high quality stainless steel, ensures the fast boiling of the water. It provides a large filling orfice with a folding cover, easy to clean.  




Great boiling capacity of 1,7 l.



Easy Grip. This handgrip is made of soft rubber. It is ergonomic and has an easy handling. The start/stop button is ready at hand. 





It keeps the high temeprature of the water for 2 hours.

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