Blender 360° OURSSON BL0610G/DC

Blender 360° OURSSON BL0610G/DC


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Suitable for smoothies, purees, drinks, soups, shakes and even ice. Smart and coloured design, perfect for mixing and stirring.


    The beautiful OURSSON BL0610G blender with SMART and colorful design is the ideal friend in the kitchen.

    5 Speed Levels and PULS button
    360 – the glass jar can be placed in any position inside the blender support
    Its 550 W motor, blends your favorite ingredients while the pulse function delivers an extra burst of power
    High-quality glass jar with a large capacity of 1.75 L


    With 5 speed levels and Puls function, the BL0610G adapts to your daily needs.


    Whether you want to get a breezy frappe in the morning, or a smoothie with frozen fruits if you are on a healthy kick.


    The 360 BL0610G blender is at your fingertips, even if you’re in a hurry the jar can be placed in any position in the blender support.


    Mix everything you need for a healthier lifestyle. Even ice cubes can be crushed.


    The high-quality 1.75-liter glass container offers the opportunity to prepare both cold beverages and hot soups up to 95°C.


    Quick and easy cleaning.


    A single device - lots of possibilities - just be creative - OURSSON BL0610G! 


    The box contains:


     Glass container


     Engine unit

     Seal ring

     User manual


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